Week 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package


My care package is going to Jazlyn Tabar. I’m including a handout about taking tests, a stress ball, a binder clip, a dime, and a pen.

Handout about taking tests- Finals are coming up and the sheet is pretty useful.

Stress ball- Finals and life are stressful, plus it’s cute and funny looking

Binder clip- For finals, again, organization is key

A dime- Our currency is changing, the $20 bill will now have the face of a Black hero instead of a Black slaveowner. 

A pen- I have too many and it could be helpful with tests.

I personally use snapchat every single day, for silly stuff or to greet and talk to people. I’ll send videos to cheer them up and make their day, which is the intent of an ACP. Other than the obvious physical aspect of it, the items of an ACP can be held on to longer and can be more sentimental. Ephemera can be both precious and trash. It can be precious in the moment and trash later, or vice versa. The $200 necklace an ex boyfriend who cheated gave someone can lose it’s value, while the $1 birthday card your father gave you before he died can be priceless. Her parking tickets would be fun to keep and laugh at, and the Woodstock tickets could be a cute vintage decor piece. I feel like a bead bracelet wouldn’t be as special as a ticket, but it might hold value. Probably not though, as we become more technology inclined. There can be a difference between a painting and an ACP because of the recognition, work, and dedication that one has to the arts. The anticipation of waiting for an ACP can make it more valuable because the excitement grows as the time of receiving gets closer.


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