This was actually my second try, for my first try, I couldn’t find anything and had to move to another location, which was frustrating. The activity of the one I picked had many warnings about “spiders” which definitely freaked me out. I found it after staring at the tree in bewilderment for about 5 minutes and was mildly disappointed to be honest. I didn’t think it would be so small (even though it said x small) and thought I’d find more interesting objects. I left a strand of ribbon that I had in my trunk but didn’t take anything with me. I’d had heart about geocaching before but now that I know a little more about it, I’m excited to try it with my best friends who I know will make the experience better.

I saw some comments about muggles in a different location and the term seemed weird to me. I think some places can have secrets in forms of memories. There’s a spot that my best friend and I always go to in Anaheim, and it’s a random street that neither of us live next to really in a residential area but we know all about that street. What time people pass by, about how many cars pass by at a certain time, which animals go around the area. We even named a possum that walks around there at the same time every 2 nights. You can definitely map feelings and categorize areas as places that make you mad or happy with the association of a memory.


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