I got to know Adilene Leon who is a first year commuter from Huntington Beach. She’s currently undeclared and still isnt too sure about what she wants to do in the future. She enjoys kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and swimming. She also loves dancing to Cumbias/Mexican music and watching the sun set by the beach. She loves food, movies, and a variety of music ranging from Corridos to Cumbias. She actually likes driving, something most people complain about. She’s working part time and has been working since she was 13. She likes camping even though she’s unable to sleep once there and hanging out with her friends. She’s not an avid reader, unless the book really grabs her attention and she wants to travel the world. She hasn’t been to any other states, only CA, and has only traveled to Pachuca, Mexico- which is where her family is from. Like me, procrastination is her biggest problem, and unlike me, she prefers math over English. Adilene is such an interesting person and I wish we could’ve interacted more!


Note: No selfie bc no makeup (on my part)


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