Everyone seems to be doing activities that are common and that other people often do, like go out and eat, hang out with friends, or spend time with their pets. Others also went to concerts or just stayed at home. The variety of activities seemed to tune in and wrapped up our generations daily activities and was a nice broad overview, with some people going more in-depth as to what they were doing. I was out and about most of that day and I see that other people were also out with their friends. They were out eating and celebrating the beginning of spring break. There really weren’t any surprises but I did see some places that I’d love to visit (food wise). I did sort of feel like I was a part of a different community. It was funny since, for the most part, it’s not like everyone knew everyone else when initially signing up for the class, and it was nice to see how similar our activities were. I don’t feel like there was really any disconnection, unless those people that stayed home felt that way, since everybody was doing things that our common today.


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