This week I talked to Amber Bolden, who I have actually been friends with on snapchat since week 3, but have never really met (or seen) in person! She was such a fun and ambitious girl, I was so pleased to have finally talked to her. She’s a first year film major who describes herself as someone who always has to be busy by trying new things and participating in a variety of activities. She’s into photography and film making, but also ventures into many other activities since it’s part of her keeping busy. She likes Sci Fi and doesn’t actually have a favorite food since she tries to stay open about everything. When it comes to music, she listens to Jazz while doing homework but also ventures into Rock, Country, Hip Hop, and Rap. She doesn’t have many favorites, including colors, but she does dislike the color purple. She hasn’t traveled outside of the state, but she has gone to a varied of places in CA and explored to a lot of areas in LA. As a film major, she does want to travel and would want to start in London and venture towards South Africa. She wants to get into film production, wants to be a publicist, and wants to eventually be in fashion photography, which she found to like better while experimenting with street photography. Amber was so much fun to get to know and I really appreciated having her as my classmate conversation this passed week!


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