Petronilla Naia


My character is a barista on Moonbase Alpha. She just got the job and is trying to figure out the ropes since the people of 2046 are very into the now and into getting in and out; they want to reach their destinations ASAP and making drinks is harder than it looks. She ended up there after refusing to attend school and ran away from home in hopes of establishing her own identity; she comes from a very conservative family full of the founding members of modern technology or engineering, like flying cars and space highways.

Sneeu– Sneeu and Petty met when she accidentally spilled a drink on him after feeling how cold his hands were, due to him being exposed to the cold so much. She was almost fired due to the incident and always gets grumpy when she recalls the memory.

 Thena– Met the day after Petronilla had ran away from home and talked to the café manager, getting her the job that has consequently been a blessing and a curse.

Salem– In hopes of releasing some stress, Petronilla went to Salem’s shop for a haircut and some light pampering. She actually found herself leaving and feeling even more stressed out about leaving home in hopes of finding a new adventure. At the end of the night, she laid awake trying to decide if she should stay or go back home.

Trying to find members and coordinating was a bit of a stressful experience but overall, if this were more organized, I could definitely see why people could enjoy this!


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