Today I talked to Daniel (Jackson) Bursch, who’s an introvert that can be outgoing, from Monterey, he swims, runs, plays soccer, and plays video games. He really likes Ayn Rand, who wrote the book The Fountainhead and described it so vividly that it made me want to pick it up. Although his taste could be questionable, since he did go through and read Twilight. He’s the middle child in his family, who enjoys pesto and pasta, something his parents would always have around. His favorite drink is strawberry daiquiri which he tried while he was in Europe, where he got to experience the pleasant side of alcohols. He likes listening to everything except for country and rap. He likes zebras, tulips, and the color green, to which I replied that I hated and he responded that I hated life since that is green. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go back to Big Sur. His future plans involve doing something with computer science along the lines of software and app development.


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