WEEK 8- ART EXPERIENCE- Automatic Drawing

I did my automatic drawing with my best friend. I ended up taping two 8.5 x11 sheets of paper since I unfortunately could not get my hands on something bigger but it ended up making the experience a little more fun. We started off by taping the paper down on a table and shut off all the lights. When I originally read the “It’s ok to laugh.” I was a little confused, but definitely understood what it meant once we started. My friend and I put together are fairly immature and giggly, and sitting in the dark with a pen in our hands with the basic directions of “letting the pen move” were not so simple. We questioned whether we were summoning some spirits as done with an ouija board and we spent a solid 5 minutes laughing throughout the activity.

After we got serious and got the laughs out though, it was nice and relaxing. We were still talking a little, with small comments here and there but it was a shift from how we were before. I stopped us at some point to get a different color since I thought it would look nice and our image was resembling a heart, which I thought was so cute and got extremely excited over, when I peeked at it, but we ended up switching back to black. I really could not say how much time we spent on it since time really did just float around. I was really impressed with how our image turned out though and I’m glad that I picked her to do it with me. I really liked this activity, even though I initially found it silly, and can definitely see myself and her trying this again on a larger piece of paper, maybe with markers instead and more colors. Our artwork is currently hanging on my wall in my room and I like that I’ll look at it and remember how stupid we were initially.


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