Week 7- Art Experience- Group Video

Our Music Video

We created a music video for the song “Campus” by Vampire Weekend. We both felt that the song just reminded us of how big the LB campus was compared to our old high schools and we both found that we like the band. I worked with Jazlyn Tabar, my week 1 classmate conversation friend, since I enjoy her as a person and because I knew she had film experience. I’m super camera shy- I probably post an Instagram picture every month since I’m just over critical- and we decided to film a few friends walking around campus instead. The song is really nice and easy going and we tried to give that vibe off with are cuts and slow paced transitions.

I really enjoyed working with Jazlyn, it was a lot of fun! Even though we didn’t have too much time to dedicate, she showed me a few tips to utilize whenever I have to make a video on my own! I think we did a great job with editing and it was a fun way to spend my day.

For next time, I think a different scenery would be great to use, maybe a place I haven’t been and have the viewer find their way around with me.


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