For this week’s art experience, we did an art walk led by our peers. I picked Joshua Hyun for my walk since I really liked what his personality was like and figured it would be an enjoyable walk with him. There is a lot of background scenery on campus and the pieces that we saw, and have on campus. It can both work as a background, yet when focused on, can make the background blur. We started off the hot day by weaving around campus to go to the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower, where Joshua told us the backstory of the piece, followed by going to the Now sculpture. The pieces like the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower, blend into the background when a frantic student is rushing to class, but as the main object in a photograph, it really pops out against the green of the trees and the red brick on the ground a little before it. Another object in it’s background is the blue sky, which really makes it stand out. The same could be said about the Now Sculpture since it’s background is similar to that of the tower. After we saw the Lymon Lough Fountain, the composition made gave the campus a more modern vibe, especially with the backstory of it being water molecules, it’s in a deserted area thats on the way from lower to upper campus. We then passed by the pyramid, and finally the Japanese Gardens. The photographic element of Light is a more prominent element in the Japanese Gardens where there is so much going on that the spots where the lighting hit are focused on. The are does have shadier areas, which people are steered towards, but it just makes the areas, like the bridges and pond, stand out more.

For the photographs, i was looking for it all to mostly flow together, have the green carry on from picture to picture. The school does try to have a lot of green and I feel like I had that in my pictures, with the exception of the fountain. The walk overall, was a fairly good experience, I do wish that the day would’ve been a little cooler though. The guide did a fairly good job as well but I do think that it should of been more focused on a central idea, instead of it jumping from one artistic piece on campus to the next. Since this was our only post this week, which meant no classmate conversation, I decided to throw it back to my first one and spend some time with Jazlyn!


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