WEEK 5- ART EXPERIENCE-Social Practice 1: Cuisine



After going to Venice last weekend for this class, I decided to tone my art experience down this week and try something cute and simple. I probably have about 500 cute food DIY’s pinned on my pinterest account varying from christmas to animals to shapes. I was home this weekend and spent it with my adorable 2 year old cousin who’s favorite thing in the world are apples so I figured, why not make apple crabs and boats.

Telling my mom that I was doing a food project really got her worried, since I usually start off and end up quitting half way when I know things are going wrong, but i promised that I would successfully execute it since I needed pictures for my blog and I didn’t want to put any bad pictures on it. Starting off, I originally made the cut too big on my first apple, which then worried me since I had dedicated myself to doing this. Next apple was easier and after almost cutting my finger off twice, I got the shape that I wanted. One thing that did bug me is that I couldn’t find anything better for the eyes and although they look more realistic to an actual crab, it does lower the cuteness on it.

Next, I decided to make the little boat thing since it looked cute and I figured that I could have like a beachy theme and it really helped with the aesthetics so that it wasn’t simply two crabs. I think for the following time, I’d pick different colored apples to make it all look nicer and I’m excited to offer to make these at a birthday party; it also pushed me to want to make more of these cute animal fruit things. Overall I had so much fun making these even though they were harder than I thought they would be and watching my cousin take it apart made me want to put it back together.

Note: I was in pjs when I did this and didn’t want to take pictures of myself with it, so I used a snapchat geotag as proof that it’s my work.


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