This week I met Mia Miller, who is seriously not what she seems. At first glance, she’s a petite girl, who I assumed, would be fairly girly; she’s actually quite the opposite.

At 18 years old, Mia is an first year film major who is thinking of minoring in Japanese and is trying to get her degree ASAP. Along with taking classes at CSULB, she’s also taking classes at LBCC in hopes of graduating and working for Warner Brothers. She’s originally from Long Beach (but dorms) and is an only child who likes reading, sleeping (same), and watching movies. Her favorite movie is The Help and her favorite books range from The Host and Mice and Men. She also absolutely loves all types of steaks, which she only eats with her dad since her mom is a vegetarian. Her favorite drinks are sparkling water and Dr. Pepper. On her free time, she likes going home, listening to music and playing with her pets. She likes heavy metal, like Metallica, and techno. She also has a lot of animals and jokingly called her home “Miller’s farm,” she owns both cats and dogs and plans on either getting a turtle or snake as her next pet. Her favorite colors are black and grey and her favorite plant is a venus flytrap. She was so much fun to talk to and I really liked how she was encouraging me to to try on one of the pieces in the show-which I didn’t, but I really appreciated her support.


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