Week 4- EC- LA Louvre art gallery

The LA Louver was initially a little hard to spot and easy to miss. The museum featured Michael C. McMillen’s exhibit downstairs and Rebecca Campbell’s work upstairs. Campbell’s exhibition was from her You are Here series which consisted of portraits of people that were actually on sale for $4,500 a piece. McMillen’s exhibit featured works that he had created over a 40 year span. The first thing you see in the room is this huge boat suspended in the air who’s sails seem to be blowing. This work was called the Pequod II and he made it in 1987. One of the newer works was theOutpost, made in 2015 and is an antique chair that has like a screen in front of it. There was another work that was a trailer with a set up inside that was supposed to mirror a field laboratory, which looked like somebody had just left the trailer since everything is a bit scattered and had short films playing on a monitor.  And at the entrance before crossing through the curtain into the exhibition, there was a peep hole in the wall with a view of like the outside of an apartment. It was a fun addition to an artsy day and I enjoyed visiting the museum.


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