Venice Beach!!!!!!!!!!!

Deciding that I was going to do the Venice beach extra credit was probably one of my better decisions so far this year. Starting the day off, I was a little stressed. I wanted to be there as early as possible to avoid traffic or not having a chance to find parking. Once we- my best friend and I- got there and successfully found parking as close as possible, we started walking towards the boardwalk and were initially stopped by a man claiming that he was going to walk on glass, after waiting and his stalling, we decided to move on.

Getting to the walls, there were initially a few artists already starting their own work. I also hadn’t seen anyone that looked remotely familiar so wasn’t even sure if I was in the right place. Regardless, I saw others spray painting and that’s what I had gone to do. I initially found this metal thing which I really can’t remember what it was, and just wrote “Ash”. We looked around for more spaces that weren’t covered with anything nice and took a bunch of pictures practicing on little corners and free spaces on trash cans and other random objects in the small area. Initially, I saw the shade of pink that I had bought and thought of “Hotline bling” a song by Drake, my favorite artist. So having the shade, I knew I had to do something Drake related. I initially wanted to write his signature “1-800-HotlineBling” but didn’t have enough space so settled for just doing his name. I’m really not very artistic so I didn’t even try to do bubble letters since I knew that it would mess up what little space was available.

Overall this was such a fun experience and I absolutely loved it! It was such an enjoyable time and if it weren’t for this class, I wouldn’t have just not gone to Venice in the near future, I wouldn’t have tried spray painting anything

Notes: Sorry if this is leaning more towards being a summary of the moment instead of a document of the process.


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