Week 3- Art Experience- Snapchat


Today our art experience was with snapchat!

I, personally, really enjoy using snapchat and fluctuate between having too much on my story, or nothing at all. I find that it’s a good app to use when there’s something funny or interesting happening.

For today, I started off with taking a picture of the first gallery I walked into, which is the picture of the students in a classroom in Ecuador. All the students seem to be posing and smiling for the photo, but the boy in the back has an angry expression on his face, which just lets you know that he’s either the class bad boy/fighter or class clown. I added a thought bubble with the phrase “fight me” and when I was swiping to find the right filter, I noticed that it was the magical time of 11:11 (a time that’s rumored to make wishes come true). If I were to be a little deep about it, I’d say that the students are wishful for a better future since they’re in class to get educated and progress in life.

My next picture, I can’t remember the location it was taken at, but I think it mentioned something about hunger or sickness (with an obvious theme of poverty), which made me think of my “first world problem” that I was internally whining about, the water in my bathroom not heating up fast enough.

The next two are screen shots that I took from I believe two different students. I added a few students from the class and I really do not remember who exactly took these. I did screenshot a few, but picked these two since they were the funniest that I saw.

Overall, today was an extremely enjoyable experience! It was my first class of the day and really put me in a great mood, so thank you.


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