(late enrollment) WK1 – LANDSCAPES WITH A CORPSE- Ashley Batres

**I didn’t register for the class until the Tuesday after this was due*

For my picture, I decided to go with “killed” by my shopping addiction; spending too much money. Which is an actual problem of mine. I figure that if there’s any way that I’d sadistically pick to die, it’s through spending too much money, or getting mugged since I carelessly walk around.

A friend of mine has a really strong passion for photography and I decided to ask her to take it for me. Our plans changed a little because of the weather, but we ended up at Fashion Island and decided to make it seem like the reason that I died was because of my excessive impulse shopping.

Getting on the wet floor was a little disheartening at first, but I quickly adapted to the situation. There were people walking around giving us weird looks but we just took a few shots and didn’t stick around for long. We picked Nordstrom because of the snobby vibe that goes with it. Overall this was a fun experience and it was definitely weird to plan a death.


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